The East Bay Integrative Pregnancy Project (EBIPP) in Oakland, CA operates as a community style acupuncture clinic offering an affordable sliding scale system for pregnant individuals. We ask for a suggested donation between $10-45 per session, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. This sliding scale system provides an opportunity for anyone to access our services, regardless of income.

We are currently taking new patients every Friday from 9am-12pm at 3515 Grand Ave., Oakland 94610.  

To schedule an appointment or to find out more information about qualifying for our services, please call 510-292-7019 or email jessica [at] ebipp [dot] org.

Acupuncture & Pregnancy


Healthy Conception & Fertility, Stress Reduction

1st Trimester

Morning Sickness, Digestive Disturbances, Threatened Miscarriages, Cold & Flu, Allergy Symptoms, Emotional
Mood Swings

2nd Trimester

Heartburn, Hemorrhoids, Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Gestational Diabetes, Anemia, Headaches, Urinary
Tract Infections, Placenta Previa

3rd Trimester

Insomnia, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Pelvic Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Breech/Transverse and Posterior Presentation, Labor Preparation a.k.a. “pre-birth acupuncture”


Insufficient Lactation, Exhaustion, Depression, Mastitis, Immune Weakness

Throughout Your Pregnancy

EBIPP is community based and encourages patients to make connections with each other and the local birth-community to maximize their resources for a lifetime of support.